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IPL Schedule: Cricket fans around the world are looking forward to arriving on March 26, when ten teams launch their campaign to top the table and win the Tata Indian Premier League 2024 Trophy. Yes, the event will continue for more than two months and fans will see a total of 72 T20 games if all goes well. With the addition of the Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants in Season 15, it remains to be seen whether the new franchises may undermine the hopes of teams like the Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Mumbai Indians or the Hyderabad Sunrisers. IPL 2024 Match Schedule

As fans look forward to the opening match on March 26 between the defending champions of CSK and KKR, here is a look at the full program, timing, and venue of IPL 2024. IPL Schedule 2024

IPL Schedule

IPL 2024 Schedule Players – Key Highlights

IPL 2022 Host Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Hosting Country India
Article For IPL Schedule 2024
Full Form of IPL Indian Premier League
Match Start Date 26/03/2024
Match Format 20 Overs (T20)
Number of Total Matches 74 Matches
Official Website www.iplt20.com

टाटा आई पी एल 2024 शेड्यूल भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड (BCCI) ने टाटा इंडियन प्रीमियर लीग का पूरा शेड्यूल IPL Schedule 2024 जारी कर दिया जिसका सीधा प्रसारण हॉट स्टार पे आईपीएल मैच लाइव देख सकते है| IPL Fixtures 2024 आईपीएल 2024 कब शुरू होगा मुकाबले का पहला मैच 26 मार्च 2024 को खेल जाएगा और अंतिम फाइनल मैच 29 मई 2024 को खेला जाएगा IPL Upcoming Matches पूरे दो महीना का मनोरंजन आईपीएल 2024 का पूरा शेड्यूल, मैच डेट, पॉइंट टेबल, आईपीएल 2024 की टीमें और सभी अन्य जानकारी यहाँ से प्राप्त कर सकते है| आईपीएल 2024 पॉइंट टेबल 

टाटा इंडियन प्रीमियर लीग 2024, IPL 2024 Schedule आईपीएल 2024 से जुड़ी सभी डिटेल्स हमरें इस आर्टिकल के माध्यम से प्राप्त कर सकते है जिसमे आईपीएल 2024 मैच फिक्सचर, टेबल पॉइंट, अनेवाला मैच, आईपीएल मैच डेट, मैच लिस्ट आदि iplt20 com की सभी जानकारी यहाँ से प्राप्त कर सकते है 2022 IPL Match List नीचे के तालुका से देख सकते है| IPL Dates अनेवाले मैचों की IPL Table के साथ IPL Point Table भी देख सकते है| IPL Match Tomorrow    


IPL 2024 Points Table (टाटा आईपीएल पॉइंट टेबल )

Teams Matches Won Lose PTS NRR
GT (Q) 14 10 04 20 +0.316
RR (Q) 14 9 5 18 +0.298
LSG (Q) 14 9 5 18 +0.251
RCB (Q) 14 8 6 16 -0.253
DC 14 7 7 14 +0.204
PBKS 14 7 7 14 +0.126
KKR 14 6 8 12 +0.146
SRH 14 6 8 12 -0.379
CSK 14 4 10 8 -0.203
MI 14 4 10 8 -0.506

IPL Schedule 2024

For the last two years, the IPL, the Indian Premier League, has been played in the UAE, and the United Arab Emirates, due to the influx of COVID-19, but the IPL 2024 is to be played in India. In IPL 15, 10 teams can be great fun for IPL fans. IPL Schedule 2024 Indian Premier League 2024 Schedule

Last year eight teams played in the IPL namely Delhi Capitals, Royal Challengers Bangalore & Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, and Chennai Super Kings. But in this year 2 more teams are introduced which are Lucknow Nawabs and Ahmedabad Lions. IPL Match Schedule


IPL Matches (IPL Schedule 2024)

IPL Fixtures 2024 (Today’s IPL Match)

Match Date Time
CSK Vs KKR 26/03/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC Vs MI 27/03/2024 IST 3:30 PM
PBKS Vs RCB 27/03/2024 IST 7:30 PM
GT Vs LSG 28/03/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SH Vs RR 29/03/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RCB Vs KKR 30/03/2024 IST 7:30 PM
LSG Vs CSK 31/03/203 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs PBKS 01/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs RR 02/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
GT Vs DC 02/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
CSK Vs PBKS 03/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SH Vs LSG 04/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RR Vs RCB 05/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs MI 06/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
LSG Vs DC 07/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS Vs GT 08/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
CSK Vs SH 09/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
RCB Vs MI 09/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs DC 10/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
RR Vs LSG 10/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SH Vs GT 11/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
CSK Vs RCB 12/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs PBKS 13/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RR Vs GT 14/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SH Vs KKR 15/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs LSG 16/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
DC Vs RCB 16/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS VS SH 17/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
GT Vs CSK 17/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RR Vs KKR 18/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
LSG Vs RCB 19/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC Vs PBKS 20/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs CSK 21/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC Vs RR 22/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs GT 23/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
RCB Vs SH 23/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
LSG Vs MI 24/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS Vs CSK 25/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RCB Vs RR 26/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
GT Vs SH 27/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC Vs KKR 28/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS Vs LSG 29/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
GT Vs RCB 30/04/2024 IST 3:30 PM
RR Vs MI 30/04/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC Vs LSG 01/05/2024 IST 3:30 PM
SH VS CSK 01/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs RR 02/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
GT Vs PBKS 03/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RCB Vs CSK 04/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
DC VS SH 05/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
GT Vs MI 06/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS VS RR 07/05/2024 IST 3:30 PM
LSG Vs KKR 07/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SH Vs RCB 08/05/2024 IST 3:30 PM
CSK Vs DC 08/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs KKR 09/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
LSG Vs GT 10/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RR Vs DC 11/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
CSK Vs MI 12/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RCB Vs PBKS 13/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR Vs SH 14/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
CSK Vs GT 15/05/2024 IST 3:30 PM
LSG Vs RR 15/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
PBKS Vs DC 16/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs SH 17/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
KKR VS LSG 18/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RCB Vs GT 19/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
RR Vs CSK 20/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
MI Vs DC 21/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM
SRH Vs PBKS 22/05/2024 IST 7:30 PM


IPL Schedule 2024

Qualifier – 1st    IST 7:30 PM
Eliminator  IST 7:30 PM
Qualifier – 2nd  IST 7:30 PM
IPL Final Match  IST 7:30 PM

TATA IPL 2024 Schedule PDF Download

IPL 2024 Notification and Updates

The Indian Premier League 2024 will be played by splitting into two virtual groups. The 15th Indian Premier League has two groups, ie Group A and Group B. The TATA Indian Premier League 2024 is tentatively played from March 26, 2024, to May 29, 2024. IPL Schedule 2024

The first match of the Indian Premier League will be played on March 26, 2024, IPL Start Date and the final match of the IPL 2024 will be played on May 29, 2024, IPL Last Match. A list of each Indian Premier League team group is given in this writing along with the match schedule and matches. India IPL Match


  • IPL 2018 Final Match Winner – Chennai Super Kings
  • IPL 2019 Final Match Winner – Mumbai Indians
  • IPL 2020 Final Match Winner – Mumbai Indians
  • IPL 2021 Final Match Winner – Chennai Super Kings
  • IPL 2022 Final Match Winner – Gujarat Titans
  • IPL 2023 Final Match Winner – Chennai Super Kings

IPL Schedule 2024 Important Date

Event Tentative / Official Date
IPL Schedule Release Date 2024 6th March 2024
IPL 15 Season Match Start Date 26th March 2024
IPL 15 Season Match Last Date 22 April 2024
IPL 15 Final Match 29 April 2024


IPL Schedule 2024 Group A & B List

Tata IPL 2022 will be even more exciting and fun because the format of the game has changed this year. As you know, two new teams were introduced in the 15th IPL 2024, so the BCCI decided to divide all the teams into two groups (Group A and Group B). To better understand you, we’ve discussed the GroupWise list below: –

  • Group A – Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capital, Rajasthan Royals, and Lucknow Nawab.
  • Group B – Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers, Punjab Kings, Gujarat Titans.


Indian Premier League Venue

www.iplt20.com. As in the data, the BCCI also announced the venue. However, experts are once again continuing to play board games at the IPL 2024 venue. According to a plan released by officials, it has now been confirmed that Mumbai and Pune will host all IPL 2024 matches in the 15th season of the IPL.

As of now, IPL matches are played in six cities in India, namely Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

According to specialists, the venue will only stick to India if everything is normal.


How is the IPL Team Winner Announced?

IPL Schedule 2024 According to the IPL rules, the 4 best teams on the IPL Scoreboard can qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-final matches will be divided into two groups, with the first semi-finals called Qualifier-1 being played by the teams in 1st and 2nd place, while the Eliminate match will be played by the teams in 3rd and 4th place. In winning round 1, the qualified team qualifies directly to the IPL final, while the losing team will face the winning team in the Eliminate round, where they will decide on the 2nd IPL final team.

So qualifying team 1 will get more winning chances in the IPL 2020 final if they win the elimination round. The IPL trophy will be awarded to the team that wins the Final Match and will also be awarded a cash prize. IPL Schedule 2024


Streaming Channels to Watch IPL 2024

If you love to watch IPL matches for free, there are many applications available on the internet that you can easily download on your smartphones such as AOS TV and Oreo TV. In case you don’t want to download any of the apps then users can make use of the Twitch TV streaming platform to watch the IPL 2024 for free. IPL Schedule 2024

Watch IPL 2024 Online Free As you search online, you’ll learn about the many applications and streaming platforms that stream IPL matches.

Note – If you want to watch the IPL apart from these mentioned apps, make sure to check the online rating of the previous user before installing it on your device.

IPL Schedule – Users can also watch the matches from their smart TVs. To do this, users must have Disney + Hot Star on their mobile devices.

This is one of the most famous apps in India, where many entertain themselves with IPL 2024 matches by subscribing to premium schedules.

Apart from Disney + Hotstar; there are multiple apps where users can watch matches. These applications are:


How to Watch IPL 2024 Live on Mobile Free

Free Me IPL Kaise Dekhe – जैसा की आप सभी को पता भारत में क्रिकेट का कितना क्रेज है जिसका हम सभी अपने घर बैठे टीवी या मोबाईल से लाइव मैच का लुत्फ उठाना चाहते है| इस वर्ष आईपीएल में कुछ टीमे नई आई जिससे IPL live Kaise Dekhe का रोमांच और भी जड़ बदने वाला है| IPL Live Match हम सभी पहले Hotstar के मध्यम से फ्री में देख पते थे, जोकि अब सिफ़ट करके Disny+Hotstar पे कर दिया गया जिसके लिए हमे प्राइम मेम्बर्शिप लेना होगा एक वर्ष का अगर आप प्राइम मेम्बर्शिप सब्सक्रिप्शन नहीं लेना कहते और फ्री में IPL 2024 Live का मज़ा उधना कहते है तो जुड़े रहें हमारे साथ इस आर्टिकल के मध्यम से फ्री में आईपीएल कैसे देखें लाइव बताने वाले है|

फ्री में आईपीएल देखने वाला एप – गूगल पी स्टोर पे आपको भोट सारे अप्प्स मिल जाएगा जिससे आप सभी Ipl 2024 free Watch कर सकते है यहाँ इस आर्टिकल के मध्यम से हम आपको कुछ ऐसे अप्प्स की जानकारी देने वाले है जो IPL 2024 Free Main Kaise Dekhen जिसे मध्यम से आईपीएल 2024 का पूरा लुत्फ उठा पाएंगे|

  • VIDEO Buddy
  • Jio TV Live
  • Tata Sky Mobile App
  • Live Cricket TV HD




IPL Schedule 2024 Important Links

 Sarkari Info  Official Website


IPL Schedule 2024 We hope that after reading this article, you have read detailed information about the dates and matches of IPL Schedule 2024, teams. Even after reading this article, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the India Premier League 2024 schedule, feel free to ask for comment below. IPL Schedule